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Food/Drink and Age Requirements


Can I bring my own alcohol?

     Unfortunately no.  We offer a wide variety of domestic beers, seltzers and IPAs.  You are free to bring your own food and non alcoholic beverages.

What are the age limits for your activities?

     Axe and Knife throwing is 10+ years old.  The Smash room is 10+ years old and all participants must be able to wear all of our safety gear.  The Paint room there is no age limit, however safety glasses must be worn by all participants.

Can I drink alcohol and participate in all your activities?

     It depends on which activities you are wanting to do.  No alcohol can be consumed before using the smash room. All of the other activities you are free to enjoy your cold brew.  We recommend that you use the smash room first then axe/knife throw or paint afterwards.


Is it safe?

     Yes.  Like everything in life, there is an inherited danger in everything we do. We have incorporated multiple safety measures to ensure your experience at Moutainman is awesome and safe.  To protect your toes from our axes, we require all throwers to wear closed toe shoes.  Also, part of the safety rules, throwing as hard as you can is not necessary, we purchase soft wood and sharpen our axes on a regular basis.  Our safety rules are posted all around our facility or ask one of our coaches if you have any questions.

Can I bring in my own throwing devices?

     Yes and no.  Throwing knives must have a 4" guard on them (so they do not go through fencing).  Throwing stars are not allowed.  Mountainman reserves the right to inspect any axes that are brought in to confirm they are safe.

Can I bring in my own things to smash?

     You are more than welcome to bring in your own glass bottles (must be rinsed) or ceramic items.  If you bring in any electronics, it must be approved by one of our coaches (NO TUBE OR CRT TVs).  TVs must be flat screen.  If you have any printers/copiers, all of the toner must be removed.  


Do I need to make a reservation?

     The quick answer is no.  Walk ins are welcome, however during peak times, reservations are highly recommended.  Reservations take priority over walk ins.  We encourage that if you want a specific time to come in, call in advance or book online as soon as possible.

How big or small can my group be?

     We do not limit the amount of people in your group.  We put up to 8 people per lane.  If you have a group of 12, we will reserve 2 axe lanes for you.  We do have a limit of lanes for groups of 2 during our peak times.    

    The smash room, we recommend a maximum group of 8 people per hour.  Each group is different, but we have found that a group of 8 takes about an hour to set up and to break all the stuff.

     The paint room, we can accommodate up to 15 adults.

Will I lose activity time if I am late for my reservation?

     Your reservation time is your activity time.  We encourage groups to have their waivers filled out prior to arriving (waivers are good for 1 year).  We also ask for your group to show up 10 minutes early to get checked in.  We do our best to give all our customers their whole time, however during our peak times, our lanes and rooms are usually booked the hour prior and after each reservation.  We hold your reservation for 10 minutes.

Can I request the Party Room?

     The party room can be reserved for your event.  If you have a group of 12 or more throwers, there is no extra charge.  For groups less than 12 an additional $60 for a 1 hour party will be added or $100 for a 2 hour party.


Do I need to own my own axes?

     It is highly recommended that you do.  To be competitive, throwing the same axe will increase your consistency and increase your score.  For beginners, most coaches will let you try out some of their competitive style axes or you can use a house axe.  Duels, you must own your own axes, due to the nature of the competition, blades and handles get damaged.



Do you take donations for the smash room?

     Sorry, at this time, we are no longer taking personal donations for the Smash Room.

How long do waivers last?

     Waivers are good for 1 year from the time that you completed one or if there was an update to the terms or service.

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