Smashing and Throwing answers at you!


How Does it work?

You can book a time and group online or over the phone. You may also just walk in during our open hours .

We highly recommend booking a time slot as Friday/Saturday evenings can get busy and you may be turned away!

We require you come 10-15 minutes before your time is scheduled to start. lateness may take away from participation time as groups may be scheduled behind you.

How Much?

Axe Throwing is 20.00 per person for 1 hour and 35.00 per person for 2 hours.
We do large group discounts but you must call in to receive them. first discount starts at 12 participants.Time can be added on depending on availability.

Small groups less than 4 may be paired with another group less than 4.

Smash room prices vary by which package you select. You can see the packages on our smash room tab

Is it Dangerous? Will we be taught?

Like anything with sharp objects and weapons, it can be. But if you are being responsible and follow our rules you will be OK!
We also have a coach take the first 10 minutes with your group to teach you the basics and show/talk to you about safety rules.

Apparel and Ages

No lumberjack shirts required! No open toed shoes for any activities!

Our NEW age is 10+ with an adult present for axe throwing

Smash room age is 14+ with an adult present

10-17 year olds need an adult with them to sign the waiver for them to participate

How do I book a special event or party? What are min and max sizes for groups

You can click on the book online tab at the top of the page, call, text,  or facebook message as well. (681-209-7501 is calling number and 681-209-7161 is texting number) A credit card may be required to hold your spot depending on your group size.
Minimum party size is 4 people to reserve a time. If you have less than 4 you may be paired with another group of 3 or less. Please call for groups 25+. (Largest group to date is 120)
If you have a group of 4+ we highly recommend booking a time slot as you will have a guaranteed time and no wait.

Food and Drink

Can People Watch and not throw?

Yes but in a limited capacity. For every 3 people that throw, 1 can spectate. We Highly recommend that everyone throws though. You don't have to be a big strong man with a beard to throw and have fun. Its more about technique than strength.
Watchers will still have to fill out a waiver.

Can I Tip my Coach?

Food and drink can be brought in from anywhere you would like! There are many food places within a couple miles from us that do take out as well as many fast food locations.

We also have drinks and snacks for sale and have a fridge we will let people put cake in

We are no longer BYOB. We apologize for this but with the new smash room we can no longer allow BYOB. We are working on our Tavern License to sell beer and wine coolers. You will not be allowed to consume alcohol with the smash room packages but axe throwing you will be allowed to purchase.

BEER!!! Can we bring our own or do you serve it?

What is your cancellation policy?

Of Course! It is never expected or required but is really appreciated!