How it works

>Reserve a time or walk in during our hours of operation. (Reservations are recommended as space is limited)

>Arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation to check in.

>We will outfit you after check in with our safety gear which includes Full body overalls, safety glasses, hard hat with visors, gloves and steel toed slip ons

>We will then take you to your smash room with your smash items and you can select your own private music while you set up your buffet of items.

>Upon completion we will help with disposal of safety gear

>All Safety Gear is Sanitized or washed after each use 

***Closed toed shoes are a requirement to participate

***No alcohol can be consumed before and during your smash room session

Smash Room Menu

Group options/prices and sizes

Quick Smash

Great for 1-2 people to blow off quickly blow off some steam after a long week!


-10-15 minutes of smashing

-1-2 people

-1 medium item

-6 glass items

Regular Smash

Middle of the road option, good for your first time with us. Perfect for a couple friends or a first date.


-20-25 minutes of smashing

-1-3 people

-3 small items

-2 medium item

-12 glass items

VIP Smash

For the experienced smasher.You will work up a sweat with this option and might not need that therapist this month.


-30-40 minutes of smashing

-1-4 people

-6 Small

-2 medium item

-1 large item

-24 glass items

Corporate/Business Smash

Need a team building activity? Have some people at the office a little frustrated with their printer? we have a couple or 10 you could let them take a baseball bat too......


-90 minutes of smashing

-1-20 people

-4 large items

-9 medium items

-20 small items

-40 glass items


-Extra Glass 10.00-15 items

-Extra Person 10.00