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Smash Room

$30/person (Items based on the availability of current stock)

We block out 1 hour for the reservation.  This includes time for set up and clean up.  Plan on 15-45 minutes for smashing depending on your group size.

Add ons:

$13 extra items can be added, items may include glass, printers, computers, TVs, and other smashable items*

$50 premium items can be added (when available), item may include office copiers, extra large TVs, and unique items*

$10 premium weapon - these are different breaking devices for glass items only


Rules and Restrictions:

Participants must wear closed-toe shoes like a sneaker or boot.

10+ years old and must be able to fit in all safety gear.

If you are pregnant, you are not permitted to participate in the smash room.

Absolutely NO alcohol consumption before entering the smash room.

*item may be substituted based on availability.  

If you are late for your reservation, you may not get full reservation time.  We give a 10-minute grace period to hold your spot.


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