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What is the minimum age to participate in the activities?

     Axe throwing and smash room is 10 years of age. 

     The paint room has no age requirement, however the child needs to be able to keep goggles on.

     For axe throwing parties, if you have a child below the age of 10, we do have kid friendly axes.

Am I allowed to bring in outside food and drinks?

     You are allowed to bring in outside food and non alcoholic beverages.  NO outside Alcohol is allowed.  We offer snack foods provided by The Pop Soda Shop (located in Westover) and have food deals with local businesses.

What kind of clothing is required to participate?

     Axe Throwing - Closed toe shoes.

     Smash Room - Sneakers/boots.  We recommend wearing light comfortable clothing.

     Paint Room - Old clothes and bringing another set to change into is recommended. 

Do you offer specials for groups?

     We do offer discounts for groups.  We have hosted Youth Groups, Corporate Parties, team building and fundraising events.  Discounts are based on size of your party.  For questions, call Matt at 304-906-5475.



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